Employment law

Publication date

8 November 2021

Our team assists private sector companies and employees in all aspects of employment and social security law.
moov.law assists its clients in particular by answering daily legal questions (remuneration, working hours, dismissal, etc.) and by drafting documents necessary for the good HR management of companies (employment contracts, work regulations, special clauses, internal policies, etc.).
moov.law advises its clients in case of employer/employee conflicts and also assists self-employed workers. In conflict situations, the emphasis is placed on attempts to settle the dispute amicably through negotiation. If these attempts are unsuccessful, moov.law manages the conflict in the first line, from the formal notice to the end of the legal proceedings.
Our team is particularly attentive to recent legislative and jurisprudential developments in order to adequately advise its clients in this area, which closely follows societal changes (telecommuting, flexibility, burn-out, right to disconnect, non-discrimination, etc.).
moov.law’s expertise in labor law is also closely linked to its experience in corporate law; this approach allows for a holistic accompaniment that goes beyond the classical divisions.