Publication date

5 November 2021

Our firm has also developed expertise in the legal and contractual issues that start-ups inevitably encounter during the creation phase and during their development (intellectual property, legal form, drafting of articles of association, relations between founders and shareholders, equity raising, etc.). We are regularly called upon to provide training and legal advice to Brussels-based business incubators.

We ensure that we immediately offer a sound legal framework, which will undoubtedly allow them to secure their development, reassure their stakeholders, and facilitate the search for new equity partners.

Fully aware of the financial constraints linked to these new structures and when the context justifies it, offers assistance at a perfectly controlled cost, by delaying and, if necessary, conditioning the payment of part of its fees on the achievement of an event (equity raising, subsidy, etc.). – For more information on this subject, see the tab “Our formulas > start-up program”).